Upcoming events!

The big event of the season is the flute choir performance at the Capitol on December 16th! If you are interested in participating, be sure to sign up HERE. This is also your RSVP for the meetings.

Speaking of which...get out your calendar and get down the dates for the upcoming meetings! All of them start at 3pm!

October 21st is coming up fast! We'll have a general meeting with holiday rehearsals for both youth and adult choirs, followed by a trio performance by the Folsom Flute Trio: Vicki, Francesca, and Mila! Don't miss it!

On November 18th, we'll have a general meeting, followed by an extended holiday rehearsal.

December 9th is the Holiday Play-In rehearsal and performance, followed by a potluck.

If you haven't yet joined the Club, it's never too late! Just follow this LINK for the form. See you at the next meeting!

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