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The Sacramento Flute Club is excited to present the 2024 Scholarship Competition! 

In fulfillment of its mission to expand the art of playing the flute for the greater Sacramento music community through cooperative education and ensemble experiences for all ages and abilities, we are pleased to announce the 7th Annual, SFC Scholarship Competition.

This talent-based competition is open to two levels of flutists: High School and Collegiate. Applications are due by January 26, 2024. Three finalists in each category will be chosen by February 5, 2024. Each contestant will prepare an Unlisted YouTube video for the preliminary round.  Finalists will perform live at the Flute Festival on Saturday, March 2.  Winners will be chosen at the conclusion of the festival.

Prizes include:

1st place     $1000
2nd place      $500
3rd place       $300

High School
1st place    $600
2nd place   $400
3rd place    $200


All applicants must be a member of the Sacramento Flute Club. Yearly student membership is $25. 
High School students ages 14 through 18 or senior in high school, and full-time college students ages 18-23.


Preliminaries (online):

High School students will record excerpts from Poem by Charles Griffes.  Beginning to Letter C. Letter E to tempo  primo 10 before Letter G, and L to 10 bars before Letter O. Record without piano accompaniment


College students will record the 2nd and 3rd movements of the J.S. Bach Sonata in e minor without repeats.

Record without piano accompaniment

Applicants are required to submit an unedited video recording via link to an Unlisted YouTube by January 26, 2024.

Finals (3 finalists in each level):
HS: Griffes  Poem as recorded for the preliminary shorter excerpts TBA and a solo piece for unaccompanied flute (max 6 mins.)
Collegiate:  The J.S. Bach Sonata in e minor as recorded for the preliminary shorter excerpts TBA and a solo piece for unaccompanied flute (max 6 mins.)

All Finalists must be available to perform live at the  Flute Festival on Saturday, March 2, 2024. An accompanist will be provided for the performance of the Griffes and Bach excerpts.

Application Process:
Applications can be filled out here and video links emailed to

Application fee: $15, payable by clicking the "Buy now" button below 
Dates to remember:
January 26, 2024       Application and video submission due by midnight
February 5, 2024       Finalists announced
March 2, 2024           Finalists compete live at Flute Festival 2024

For additional information or requests for financial assistance to cover fees,  please contact the Sacramento Flute Club at

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